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Beech Class: Spring Term One

What we are when we are at school...


We are Scientists:

Across this term Beech Class have been conducting all sorts of interesting investigations in science. Our topic this term is Splendid Skies and as part of this topic we have explored what global warming means to us, how it is effecting our weather in the UK, and further from home. We have become meteorologists in Beech Class as we have measures rain levels, taken temperatures and experimented with different weather forms. 


We are Authors:

Within English we have explored many beautiful fiction texts by some of our favourite authors Martin Waddell, Jill Murphy and Julia Donaldson. When we read Stickman we all thought about what Stickman means to us; some of us thought Stickman was a brilliant mast for a flag, others said he could be a bow for a bow and arrow. Beech Class demonstrated that our imagination has no bounds AND we learnt how to use contractions along the way. Your children wrote all sorts of sentences from the perspective of Stickman; "I'm not a toy for a dog, or a bat for a boy." "I'm not a mast for a silly old flag." "I'm not a bow for your bow and arrow."


We are Geographers:

We have not only used maths and science to help us to understand the effects of global warming and extreme weather caused by our Splendid Skies... We have also used geography to understand the difference in our worlds hemispheres. Just ask your children what we call the band in across the middle of the Earth (where our world is hottest). We also made our own tsunamis and looked at how plates move under the oceans. 


We are Mathmeticians: 

In Beech Class we have really taken to our new mathematical learning methods using numicon. Your children are sure that you have seen the different numicon tools we use within our classroom, like the shapes we have around our clock, and the numicon timelines we use to help us with our counting. Across this term we have used the numicon method to understand and apply our concepts of measurement, addition and subtraction. Just ask to see your childrens work if you are interested in the methods we use and wish to help further your childs understanding of these concepts at home.