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Splendid Skies 

Splendid Skies is our new topic. We have thought really carefully about what we would like to learn and find out more about during this topic. We know a lot about the weather and the seasons but are unsure about how and why the seasons change, so this will be the first thing we will be learning. 

Another area which we have spoken about it what flies in the sky. We already know that birds fly, as well as helicopters, aeroplanes, hot air balloons and Santa in his sleigh from the North pole. We want to know about magic carpets and rockets. We hope to build one! 

The final part of our topic will be 'Space'. We have some ideas about what is out there in 'Outer Space' but are not quite sure on the names of all of the planets. Ask us in a few weeks and we will be able to tell you lots of information about them! 

What we know about the sky: 


- wind, rain, ice, sky, snow, rainbow, sunny, cloudy, stormy


- the sky can be pink in the morning 

- the sky can be dark 

- at night time you can see stars in the sky 

- you can see the moon at night 


- Sun 

- moon 


- aliens 


What we want to learn: 

Earth and the other planets 

Fireworks and how they work 

How do aeroplanes and helicopters fly ?

Snow storms 

Storms - thunder and lightning 

Tornados, twisters and tsunamis 

Magic carpets 

Aliens and their spaceships


How do rockets fly?

Why and how does the weather change?

Why does the sky change colour?