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Autumn 2 - Celebrations and Colour

This term we will be learning about some of the Celebrations we take part in during this time of year such as Halloween, Bonfire Night, Road Safety and Christmas.

We will be learning our Highway Code during Road Safety week so we know how to cross the road safely and we will start practising some Christmas songs ready to perform at our Christmas Concert at the end of term.

The books we will be focussing on this term are;

  • Sparks in the Sky
  • Owl Babies
  • Elmer
  • The Nativity Story


In Maths we will be learning about length and ordering objects by size, exploring repeating colour patterns as well as counting repeated patterns on Christmas wrapping paper. We will continue to practise touch counting an amount of objects to 10 and begin to move into teen numbers learning what these numerals look like as well as how to make them using our numicon shapes.


Parents will be invited to take part in a reading workshop with their children during our Elmer week. The children are very excited about this and we have an array of Elmer related activities for you to get involved with. We will be sending out further information about this nearer the time.