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Spring 1 - Toys and Winter

This term we will be talking about the Toys we got for Christmas, learning about Toys from the past and the present as well as continuing to explore our four seasons by learning all about Winter. As part of this theme we will also become familiar with some animals that live in cold, wintery places such as The Arctic.  


The books we will be focussing on this term are;

  • Kippers Toybox
  • Just like Jasper
  • Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud


In Maths we will be learning more about our teen numbers, recognising the numerals 11 to 19, begin to match numerals to our numicon shapes as well as learn how to put our numbers in order from 1 to 20. We will also be learning how to add two single-digit numbers together starting with objects and progressing on to adding two numicon shapes together. We will be learning the terms “add” and “equals” and become familiar with addition number sentences so that we are able to read and write them ourselves.


We will also be taking part in a Mini Big Sing this term at Ormiston South Parade School. We will be learning 10 songs during this term so that we are ready to perform on Friday 19th January. This will take place during School time and your child will be accompanied to and from the venue by Staff at Queen Mary Avenue.