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Getting Fit in FS2!

Sports Coaches

We are so proud of the new skills we have learned with our multiskills coaches. They have helped us become better team players, to listen well, to be resilience and  confident to try new things. Every week there is a chance to win some great medals and make our friends and families very proud of us.


Active Maths

Each week in FS2 we learn all about number and matching numerals through movement and fun games. This term we learning about adding and next term and next term we will be learning about subtraction, halving and sharing. We love maths and  getting fit as we learn!


Take Ten

We love to keep active in FS2. During the afternoon we break for 10 minutes to get our bodies and brains recharged for learning. We have great fun play circle games with lots of movement. It helps to make our 'brains grow' and gets are bodies fit to get the best out of our school day.