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Queen Mary Nursery

Welcome to Nursery

The Nursery team welcome you to the Nursery!

If there is anything you need to know please ask and we will try and help.

There are 4 groups in Nursery.






Our Vision

A child in the Foundation Stage at Queen Mary Avenue will develop the firm foundations to be independent, resilient and resourceful, be proud of their own achievements and have a love for learning.

We will strive to achieve this by ensuring your child has a wide range of varied experiences that are fun and focused that enables them to develop good social and communication skills to be confident and ready for the next step of their learning journey.


When your child starts Nursery they will be provided with a plastic bookbag. The children will be able to choose a book to share with their parent/carer at home. There is a basket in the Nursery entrance where you are able to encourage your child to change their book on a regular basis. 


In Nursery we promote independence, we encourage children to put their coats on themselves using the 'upside down method'. Children are also encouraged to use the toilet independently. If you are able to promote this at home it will help your child during their time at Nursery. 

Snack time

Children will be taught to independently access snack in Nursery.

They are provided with a variety of fruit and vegetables every day and can choose milk or water to drink.

Please inform the school office if your child has any allergies.