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Mathematics at Queen Mary Avenue Infants School 

At Queen Mary Avenue we know that our children learn best by doing and experiencing things in real life contexts. We use a Numicon based mathematics approach to develop an understanding of different mathematic concepts. The children are taught mathematics through a clear teach-practise-apply model with mini-maths missions being used to assess the children's skills which they have developed throughout a topic or teaching sequence.  Weekly overviews are planned to ensure all areas of mathematics are covered and cross curricular links are made whenever possible.

To develop a depth of understanding we use pictorial, concrete and abstract approaches to ensure the children gain a full understanding of different mathematical concepts. Teachers skillfully question children to explain their understanding through reasoning and reflection. Mathematical resources are readily available for the children in each classroom and they are encouraged to use these tools to help them on their learning journey. Numicon is used throughout the school and nursery including numicon software for interactive whiteboards. 

At the start of each maths lesson time is spent on mental maths challenges and these sessions help them to become more fluent with their number knowledge. Throughout maths lessons we encourage children to be responsible for their own learning and challenge as part of their own growth mindset. The children are given a minimum of 3 different challenges which they can then choose from depending on which they think will 'grow their brain' the best. These choices are closely monitored by teaching staff who help children to decide which challenge is best for them.