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R.E overview Year One

Autumn Term 2017

Unit One - Looking at me, looking at you.

Identity and values

Explore through faith stories what religions say about the value of each individual.

AT1 - Recognise what makes a person unique.

Say how faith members are the same and how they are different.

retell faith stories about caring for others.


AT2 - Compare themselves to others.

Talk sensitively about people of different faiths.

Say why they think people of faith may help others.


Observe and participate in religious ceremonies connected with important times in life.

AT1 - Say why religious people celebrate an important life event.

Name religious ceremonies connected with important times of life.

Talk about religious symbols and artifacts in an important religious ceremony.


AT2 - Talk about important life events.

Say  what they think matters most in a religious ceremony.

Say why symbols and artifacts are important at certain times of life.