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Summer Term overview - Year One

Unit 1.3 Worship and Festivals

Beliefs and practices - Find out about different religious festivals and rituals.

AT1- Name some religious festivals and celebrations.

Describe and explain some traditions linked to religious festivals.


AT2 - Reflect on important days in the year and how faith members celebrate them.

Ask questions about ways in which people of faith celebrate.


Find out about different ways in which people worship.

AT1 - Name different ways in which people worship.

Describe and compare forms of worship common to more than one faith.


AT2 - Talk about what I thought mattered most when I took part in a ceromony.

Compare with others my thoughts about what matters most in a religious ceremony.


Explore a place of worship and how the building is used.

AT1 - Name different parts and important artifacts in a place of worship.

Say how the building and its artifacts are used in different ways.


AT2 - Make a response to being in a place of worship and the artifacts they see there.

Reflect on how  faith members use the place and artifacts.