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Year Two R.E overview - Autumn Term 2017

Unit 2.1 Belonging

Beliefs and practices - Find out about different religious festivals and rituals.

Find out about how a religious person of faith lives their life.

AT1 - Compare similarities and differences in religious festivals.

Explain how a person shows religion in their life.


AT2 - Suggest reasons why festivals and rituals are important.

Compare the daily life of children from two different faiths.


Identity and Values - Explore how values provide rules for living.

Explore the idea  of commiting to a faith.


AT1 - Understand that many values come from holy books.

Recognise special rules that religious people follow.

talk about important promises made by a faith member.

Recognise symbols that show commitment in the life of a religious person.


AT2 -Recognise the need for values for living.

Make links between some religios rules and rules at school.

Say why people of faith make promises.

Say why symbols of commitment are part of belonging.