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Spring Term Overview - Year Two

Unit 2.2 -  Believing

Beleifs and practices - Explore beliefs and find out what people of faith believe.

Explore and discuss sacred stories.

AT1- Name some beliefs of  two different faiths.

Recognise beliefs that are the same for different faiths.

Name the holy books of different faiths.


AT2 - Talk about what some faith members believe.

Respect what other people say about their beliefs.

Respond to stories from holy books.


Meaning and purpose - Identify different ways in which people of faith express their beliefs through use of artifacts, symbols and actions.


AT1 - Identify precious things for people of faith.

Say how some religious artifacts and symbols are used.

Explore how religious peeople may express their beliefs in actions and gestures.


AT2 - Reflect on what is special to themselves and others.

Consider what religious artifacts and symbols mean to people of faith.

Show how they think a belief links to an action or gesture.