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Science at Queen Mary Avenue

It is our belief that for children to make the most of their learning science should be exciting, interactive with opportunities for exploration and problem solving as part of an indoor and outdoor environment. As part of our commitment to learning we shall ensure that staff continue to develop and are confident in their own (subject) knowledge and that the school has a stimulating range of resources to enable this.

What Does Science Look Like in Our School?

In our early years science skills are developed through exploration and play. We work to encourage children to be curious and develop their knowledge and understanding of the world through play based activities and questioning the world around them. 

Moving into year 1 we focus on developing these skills into a more practical science curriculum. Children get more opportunity to carry out experiments and begin to record there experiences in writing. 

In year 2 we continue to learn to work scientifically, deepening the knowledge of the areas explored in the previous years.

We aim to increase the enjoyment and enthusiasm for science in our school through our after school clubs and our future plans for Science Week! Due to take place on 23rd - 27th April.