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E-Safety at Queen Mary Avenue Infants School 

At Queen Mary Avenue we know how much our children enjoy using modern technologies and also how much they can learn using them. We understand how important it is for our children to be able to use these devices safely and confidently.  We must always make sure that we behave safely and knowledgeably when we access the internet on these devices to help our childrens' education.

We educate the children about E-safety in assemblies, specific computing lessons and at different points during the day, through the day to day workings of a busy classroom. We also encourage parents/carers to take the time to learn about these issues with their child.

The links below include further information and interactive activities for both children and parents.

Attached to this page is a copy of our e-safety potion featuring our schools e-safety character Wizard Wizbit and a powerpoint presentation too. 


This week we have been learning about the ways we can keep safe when using the internet in school and at home. Lots of us at Queen Mary Avenue Infants either have a phone or a tablet or access to them. However sometimes this equipment may find things we may not know or understand. 

Miss Surfleet read us the story of Buddy and his owner Ben during a special assembly this week.

Ben had a tablet, which he wanted for a long time. When his grandmother bought it different things began to happen, which meant that Ben had to make a choice. Buddy sang a song to help him make the right one and this helped us think about what to do if this was to ever happen to us, when we use our tablets or phones alone.