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Nurture provides short term, focussed support for children where teachers have identified barriers to learning.  Through carefully planned nurture activities, children are supported to develop in the area they are lacking confidence, be it social, emotional or behavioural skills. The aims of the nurture programme is to improve childrens' well-being through developing their personal skills and in turn, increasing self-confidence and self-esteem. Any progress made within a smaller group, nurture setting, is then able to be transfered back in the classroom.

The pastoral team run our nurture provision. Children benefit from soft starts with toast and drinks to help settle them into the school day. Pre-teaches build confidence and help children feel prepared for lessons.  The team draw on varying strategies and interventions to provide activities tailored to meet the needs of the children. Examples of this include 'Lego Therapy', 'Colour Away Your Worries', 'Language through Cooking' and 'Positive Play'.

We take great pride in watching our children achieve success and graduate from nurture, able to flourish and achieve their future potential!