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Mrs W Gibbins 

Safeguarding Officer

Mrs Z Bonna 

Pastoral TA 

Miss A Munson

Pastoral TA

Mrs N Fraser

Learning Mentor

Family Support - Message from our Learning Mentor

In every organisation something works. For every child or young person something works. For every family something works. We want to identify what works and together do more of it! 

Families are made up of individual members who all have their individual needs. At times, these can be complex and regardless of how large or small your family is - these needs can affect the family as a whole. 

I use solution focused strategies to support families, identifying problems, developing close relationships with parents, enabling us to work together towards solutions and a brighter future. 

I will support parents and their families with early signs of social, emotional, health or behavioural issues and work with them, alongside other agencies to address issues which may prevent engagement with the school and the child's learning. It is vital to provide a welcoming environment for families to feel free to come in and meet with any member of staff,  which woukd include regular, effective two-way communication between home and school and meaningful dialogue. 

Sometimes a child's behaviour can be challenging, leaving parents feeling helpless and alone. We never stop learning as parents and understanding where our children are coming from. Children react differently to unpredictable circumstances and at times will display challenging and negative behaviour both at home and in the school environment. I am able to provide simple strategies to help overcome difficult and stressful situations that families encounter. 

I am able to offer regular contact with families and carers or children encouraging positive family involvement in the child's learning and development, providing links and liasons between school, home and other agencies to ensure there is consistency in the response to the child's needs. 

Engaging with families is a critical ingredient for children's school success. Research has shown that family engagement promotes a range of benefits for pupils, including improved school readiness, higher achievement, better social skills and behaviour and an increased interest in a future career. By investing in early intervention of family support, parents receive targeted support they need when they need it the most, therefore preventing any unncessary difficulties occuring. Shared responisibilty requires parents to do their part to support their childrens learning, from putting in choices and consequences at home to talking to teachers about their child's progress; all of this helps the family to focus on the skills of making family life happy and in tune. Queen Mary Avenue Infants & Nursery then have the opportunity to provide information and support for the families by the way of meaningful conversations around their children's day, be it negative and positive, to help the parent feel valued and have the ability to make the necessary changes. 

How I can support parents:

  • To provide short term intervention through support in drop in sessions. Identifying the needs of parents and their children and recognising when to refer onto other agencies, use of email and text support for those who find it difficult to come into academy at first. 
  • To offer parents support by working on strategies to deal positively with discipline and boundaries in order to manage their child's challenging behaviour. Offer a listening ear to the parent's concerns regarding their child in a non-judgemental manner. This would also give the parents an opportunity to meet others who may be experiencing similar issues at home. 
  • To attend meetings in school with parents, such as reintegration meetings after exclusion, as may be required by the role and support parents and their children during difficult times, taking a lead role in the Single Assessment process. Engaging and liasing with other agencies in order to meet the needs of the families as well as providing daily contact with vulnerale families to improve any attendance issues.